If you're the type of guy who repeatedly blows an air horn in the middle of the night, you probably look like this.

Police in El Segundo, Calif. have arrested the man who has been blaring an air horn around the city in the wee hours of the morning for the last few weeks.

The police took to Facebook to announce the news and share the (grainy) mug shot of the suspect, identified as John W. Nuggent.

Holy ISIS trainee's beard, Batman! He's got that scraggly, out-of-control beard and that "I have never before taken a photo, so this is the face I will make" look that makes you think that, yes, this is clearly the kind of deranged soul who would tool around town sounding off his air horn at a time of day when only newborn babies who want to eat at awake.

And if you think that neighbor upstairs who blasts music at midnight is a thorn in your side, consider Nuggent. Police said of his air horn, "The sound is like a train coming through the neighborhood."

As for why Nuggent felt the need to blare the horn, police say he was trying to get revenge on someone who wronged him. Like, maybe, the barber who completely failed at trimming his facial hair?

Time will tell if Nuggent will get jail time for this. If he does, you kind of get the feeling his cellmate will blow his horn. And that's called irony.