Costumes, trick-or-treating and bobbing for mini-bottles of Jack Daniels have become stale Halloween traditions. The world needs something new on All Hallows' Eve to really make the holiday exciting again. The people of Seattle might be onto something with their Naked Pumpkin Run.

The Naked Pumpkin run is celebrating another successful year in which they more than doubled the number of participants. Twenty-one people ran naked through the east Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle this past Halloween, shattering the record of 10 people from the previous year.

The Naked Pumpkin Run isn't all birthday suits and Freddy masks. It serves a purpose. The website explains that it's "a non-political, participatory arts event, where like-minded people party, carve and decorate pumpkins and streak en masse with their pumpkin creations on their heads.”

Showing off the gourds the Lord gave you on Halloween night. God Bless America.