They call New Year's Eve amateur night because it's a night where nearly everyone parties hard, not just those who have regular experience with intoxicants. This means that it's a pretty safe bet that some idiotic stuff is going to go down, sometimes even before the ball drops.

We don't know what substances Coco Bennett ingested in the last hours of 2012. What we do know is that he spent the beginning of 2013 naked, wielding a samurai sword and engaging in a three-hour standoff with San Jose, CA police.

It was actually Bennett's other weapon -- an AR-15-type assault rifle -- that got the attention of the five-o, but by the time they arrived, the 29-year old had ditched the gun in his car, taken off all of his clothes, and opted to use a samurai sword to keep the authorities at bay.

The naked man told the officers that they would "have to kill him," which encouraged them to proceed slowly. As word got out that the police had a nude swordsman surrounded in front of a light rail station local media started to show up and record the strange scene.

Finally, at around 11 AM, the suspect tried to escape by climbing a fence. Instead he fell down, dropping his sword, and that's when police swooped in. Bennett was arrested on charges of suspicion of brandishing a weapon and possession of an assault rifle.

On the bright side, if he can't remember what he got into on New Year's (and we are quite sure he can't), he will have a nice descriptive police report as a memento, to remind him of the consequences of his revelry.

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