Movie blockbuster season is right around the corner, as the studios start releasing the biggest movies -hello, 'Iron Man 3'- but you gotta get through the new movies of April 2013 first and here's a sampling of what's worthwhile at the multiplex.

There is the remake of the cult classic horror film 'Evil Dead' in the new movies of April 2013. Is it necessary? We dunno. Grab a popcorn and a giant Dr. Pepper, take a seat and find out. Plus, you get to look at Jessica Lucas, and she's hot. Julianne Moore is still a babe at 52, so see her in '6 Souls,' a horror thriller that explores the push and pull between faith and science. Redford and LaBeouf -Robert and Shia- team up for 'The Company You Keep.' The leathery-skinned Redford plays a man whose true identity gets exposed by LaBeouf's wily reporter.

The 'Scary Movie' franchise sees its fifth installment make landfall at the multiplex in April 2013. It's worth seeing because Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are in it, even if she looks as much like luggage as Bobby Redford does nowadays. Go for the laugh at LiLo's expense; stay to see Ashley Tisdale. Meanwhile, '42' is the Jackie Robinson biopic. Tom Cruise, a former box office sure bet, stars in 'Oblivion,' a sci-fi thriller featuring the Scientology star as a soldier of the future. He was filming this movie when Katie Holmes served his butt with divorce papers.

On April 26, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson star in 'Pain & Gain.' Wahlberg is jacked, bigger than he was in his Marky Mark days, looking like roid rage times ten. Michael Bay directed it, so it's worth a look. They two play bodybuilding criminals. It's a real acting stretch for both.

Here's a rundown of what's hitting the theaters and when in April 2013.

April 5

'Evil Dead'
'6 Souls'
'The Company You Keep'

April 12

'Scary Movie 5'

April 19

'Home Run'
'Lords of Salem'
'Pain and Gain'

April 26

'Reluctant Fundamentalist'
'The Numbers Station'
'The Big Wedding'

What new movie release in April 2013 are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments.