You might want to start adding a side of asparagus to your meals this week in preparation for the upcoming New Year's booze fest, as a new study finds that the mean green vegetable may actually prevent temple-crushing hangovers.

According to researchers from the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju University, the minerals and amino acids found in asparagus can actually ward off hangovers as well as prevent hellacious bouts of the liver quivers – a common occurrence after a night of heavy, binge drinking.

Lead researcher B.Y. Kim says that drinkers that want to avoid New Year's Day hangovers should consider eating a substantial amount of asparagus leaves rather than the stalks since they contain much higher amounts of minerals and amino acids instrumental in protecting the liver and fighting off hangovers.

Incidentally, even with a healthy diet, you still may want to think twice about mixing booze this New Year’s Eve. And always remember: liquor before beer, never fear – beer before liquor, never sicker - with or without the asparagus!

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