Flying is already enough of a nightmare without passengers treating the experience as their own personal version of 'Jackass.'

Sadly, this guy thinks he's above it.

He thought it would be hi-larious to strip down to a Speedo and a inflatable rubber duck during a flight from Mexico to Miami.

You may find this hard to believe, but the authorities were not amused. The FBI was called in to investigate and made all sorts of threats, including putting him on the no-fly list. In the end, the FBI released him, but kudos to him for wasting their time when they could've been doing something productive.

Have no illusion. This guy is a yutz. In this post-9/11, ISIS-present, Ebola-threatening world, an airplane is not the best place to show off your prankster skills. Considering he was on a flight from Mexico he's lucky the FBI didn't tear apart his insides looking for drugs like a dog rips apart a chew toy.

And stripping down to your skivvies? C'mon. You can see that late at night on just about any crosstown bus.