A nun and a penis have about as much in common as Kanye West and shutting his mouth. That's what make this so fascinating.

We don't know what's going on in this video (NSFW for penis imagery -- yup, you read that correctly). We don't where it is or when it took place. And, most importantly, we don't know if this a real nun. If she is, she's the wildest nun since Whoopi in Sister Act and has a lot of questions to answer at her convent, assuming it's not during their hours of silence.

If she's not a real nun, then this makes a lot more sense, although she may still have a lot of questions when she gets to the pearly gates. We can't recall if Saint Peter has ever tuned into Def Comedy Jam or even gone to an open mic at the Ha-Ha Hole, but we're going to assume this is not something he finds too amusing.

Heck, we're half expecting lightning to strike us just for writing this down.

God help us all.

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