According to VentureBeat, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has stated that he wants the company to put out one model a year of its new experiment in gaming -- Project Shield.

After the big reveal of the new device at CES 2013, Huang followed up with some details of Nvidia's plans going forward. Instead of the usual pattern of several years in-between consoles and handheld devices of the past, Huang wants to take a more proactive approach and make annual hardware revisions that would incorporate feedback from previous versions of Shield.

According to Huang:

I don't know what [Shield 2 is] going to be yet, but obviously we'll keep innovating and keep making it better. People are telling us how we can improve and we're learning from that.

Huang also wants to make future Shield devises backwards compatible. Given their target audience of "Android and PC gamers," this is definitely important.

More from VentureBeat:

This is targeted at people who are Android users and PC gamers. This is a device that helps them enjoy that better. They're not six years old. They're not grandmothers. We're targeting our core market. They understand what this is. Our core market is open-platform gamers. They want to be able to do free-to-play. They're the guys that buy brand-new GeForce cards every year at $300 dollars. They're the guys buying GeForce cards at $1,000 dollars. These are people who love gadgets. They get it.

The more hardcore the gamer, the more mileage they get out of flexibility and compatibility in a game. As of now, pricing remains to be seen. But Huang clearly has something in mind.

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