How much do collectors and fans of 'Calvin & Hobbes' love the comic? Enough to pay over $200K for a piece of original artwork of the beloved duo.

An original hand-colored 1986 Sunday Calvin & Hobbes (pictured above) sold for $203,150 over the weekend, much more than auctioneers originally anticipated.

The strip was owed by fellow cartoonist and Red and Rover creator Brian Basset. Basset acquired the original back after agreeing to exchange originals with 'Calvin & Hobbes' creator Bill Watterson. Financial issues prompted Basset to put the beloved piece up for auction.

In related news, an original 1955 Peanuts strip, signed by creator Charles Schulz, sold for only $113,000 this weekend. To explain that visually, imagine car decal Calvin taking a preverbal tinkle all over Charlie Brown's shiny dome.

Good grief.

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