Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I sure wish there was a big museum dedicated to man parts"? Probably not, but if you have, you're in luck -- because the Icelandic Phallological Museum was custom-made just for you.

Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, it bills itself as "probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammal found in a single country," where it's "possible for individuals to undertake serious study into the field of phallology in an organized, scientific fashion." (When visitors aren't just pointing and giggling, of course.)

So what's there? A collection of more than 215 penises and penile parts belonging to almost all of the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland -- and yes, that includes the human variety.

Right now, in honor of the Icelandic men’s handball team that won the silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there's a display called "The Icelandic National Handball Team." It's basically a glass case full of a bunch of silver penises of various shapes and sizes, but oddly enough, none of the handball players actually lent their own, well, "likenesses" to the artwork.

The artist, Thorgerdur Sigurdardottir, said she made it as a favor for her father, who founded the museum (thus making this the weirdest family business in the history of ever). When asked exactly whose silver dongs are in that case, she said, “I didn’t have any models. I just made them from experience.” Saucy!

Visitors to the museum are certainly intrigued by the various installations. “I’ve never seen so many penises—and I went to boarding school!” a visitor from New Zealand wryly wrote in the guestbook.

But leave it to an American to engage in a game of international one-upsmanship, writing, “They’re bigger in the USA.”