Sports fans have a lower threshold for the word “emergency.” While most people reserve the term for events like heart attacks, major world crises and running out of toilet paper, sports fans know that true emergencies are things like double overtime and last minute drives. So you can forgive one loyal hockey fan for having to change dinner plans based on the fortunes of his favorite team.

A photo of a hilarious receipt posted to Reddit over the weekend shows just what happens when sports emergencies happen. A would-be pizza buyer had to make a frantic phone call to the restaurant to tell them he couldn’t pick up his order because THE CANUCKS JUST TIED THE GAME AND I CAN’T MISS OVERTIME! (For you non-sports fans out there, on the scale of seriousness, sudden death overtime in the playoffs ranks just below North Korea and Iran launching nuclear weapons. At the same time.)

The Vancouver Canucks are known for their loyal fans and having once sold out 408 consecutive game. So this guy can be excused for having his priorities in order. Fortunately for him, the restaurant was nice enough to change the order to delivery and allow him to enjoy his large pizza without missing any action.

Unfortunately, however, his beloved Canucks were not so lucky, falling 3-2 in overtime to the San Jose Sharks. San Jose now leads the best-of-seven series 3-0, meaning our loyal Canucks fan could be down to his last to-go order of the season.

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