Because Americans just aren't quite fat enough, we'll soon have two new things to work off at the gym: pizzas dispensed via vending machines and ice cream sundaes with bacon.

Dutch company A1 Concepts is behind the pizza vending machine called Let's Pizza. Basically you'll put your money in, choose your toppings, and three minutes later, voila! Substandard pizza. We're speculating about the quality, but let's be honest here.

The machines are already in parts of Europe and will infiltrate America when the company sets up its US headquarters in Atlanta later this year. You can check out a badly-dubbed demo in the video below.

And as for the bacon sundae, you can thank Burger King for that. The franchise tested them out at select restaurants this spring and found that yes, people really will eat anything -- so now the artery-clogging treats are being rolled out nationwide for a limited time.

The sundae consists of vanilla soft serve ice cream with fudge, caramel, bacon crumbles and a piece of bacon, which contains 510 calories and enough fat to make Jillian Michaels weep before she stops by to personally kick your ass.

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