The women that appear in the pages of Playboy seem like incredibly intimidating creatures to men. Even the coolest of characters usually stutters more than Foghorn Leghorn being tasered when talking with one of the Playmates.

Rainy Day Jordan, Playboy's Miss December, is warm and welcoming from the moment she steps into a room. A native of Abliene, Texas, Rainy Day has dreamed of appearing in Playboy since she first snuck a peek at the famed gentleman's magazine.

Rainy Day sat down with us to talk about the road that led her to becoming 'Miss December' and her aspirations to taking the Playmate of the Year title.

GS: The first thing that jumped out at us was your name. Is that your actual name or a nickname?

RD: No that is my real name. There are several people in my family who have weather names, so it’s kind of a family thing. My mom’s name is Windy. My aunt’s name is Dusty. My great aunt is Sandy and we also have a Stormy.

GS: Is there also a Hail-y or a Sleety?

RD: (laughs) We actually do have a Haley.

Rainy Day Jordan Twitter

GS: So congratulations on being picked as Miss December. What’s the process like? How did you get picked for this?

RD: I was picked out of a casting call in Dallas for the Super Bowl. I just went for the casting call, and a couple of months later, I got a phone call back and did some special editions for Playboy and did some shots with Ric Moore. Then I went to Miami and did a test shoot, and after that, they approved my pictures to come to LA and do a shoot with Steve Wayda. He’s a wonderful photographer. Then Hef approved me for the centerfold and gave me Miss December.

GS: It sounds like this was something that you’ve always wanted and that you were pretty open about posing for Playboy. Was it something you were nervous about doing?

RD: Yes, I was always very confident and secure in doing this. Everyone was so professional and I had a great experience with everyone I worked with, so there was no reason to be nervous.

GS: What about your family? Do they know?

RD: My whole family is just so happy for me. They supported me 100% the whole way, so that’s been really great.

Rainy Day Jordan

GS: Have you been modeling long or was this the first time?

RD: This was my first modeling job. This was my first go-around. 

Since a very early age, when I was probably 11, my Dad had some of those famous issues, and I saw them, and I really wanted to be one of those girls. I just thought they were beautiful and I thought the magazine was great, so I grew up wanting it real bad and dreamt about being a playmate. I knew I was going to do it. It’s just always been a goal of mine and a dream, and I’m so happy that it’s happened for me.

GS: You could've probably posed for any men’s magazine. Why were you focused on Playboy itself?

RD: I never had a huge desire to be a model and just do runway or random campaigns. I always set my goals for Playboy because I took an interest in Hef and his story, his success and how long the magazine has been around. The women who have been in the magazine were just huge names: Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Pam Anderson; just great women who were part of this company and I couldn’t have picked a better brand or company to pose for.

GS: How did you react?

RD: Playboy called me and I just started bawling. I called my Mom and Dad and I was just crying. My Mom started crying and my Dad poured himself a drink. It was just very exciting.

GS: How has this changed things for you and where do you hope to go from this?

RD: Playmate of the Year would be wonderful. I would love to just stay with the company as long as I’m able, and when that’s all said and done, I will continue my nursing degree and work as a nurse. Ultimately, I would love to work behind the camera for Playboy.