A new video has surfaced of a player hitting a score of 999 in Flappy Bird, which appears to be the end of the game. It's there he finds a special guest waiting for him.

Flappy Bird might not be available anymore, but that doesn't mean people like YouTube user pipocaVFX aren't still playing. Well, at least that's what he'd like us to believe anyway. In the video above, you can see a player "tapping" away in the upper 900s on his way through some devilishly tight spaces. As he nears the 990 threshold, some very familiar foes begin popping out of pipes. Once he reaches 999 however, the ultimate cameo brings someone near and dear to gamers' hearts into the mix.

It would be something if it were real, but we're not entirely convinced. In fact, we're not convinced at all. The pipocaVFX channel is known for its video game visuals, and for putting different spins on classic franchises like first-person Sonic and first-person Street Fighter. The animation is smooth, and copies Flappy Bird rather well for not being an actual game.

Still, it's not a bad video, as it's fairly convincing. The call back to the rumored inspiration for Flappy Bird's level design makes for a good chuckle. Perhaps someone will truly make it to then end of Flappy Bird one day, but until that day, this parody animation will have to suffice.

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