Tricking girls into doing disgusting things with their mouths is just part of being a scumbag of the male variation. However, even the most depraved minds have a tendency to shy away from foul pranks that involve drinking fermented poo.

Yet, all bets were apparently off at a recent gathering inside the offices of Rocket News 24, when the editorial staff wickedly conned a group of five models from the all girl air band Doppelgänger into drinking wine made out of human feces.

The quasi-toilet beverage that the sadistic gang at the Japanese news source was serving was a traditional Korean beverage known as Ttongsul, which is literally made through a process of soaking human or animal feces and medicinal herbs until it ferments - think vodka and diarrhea.

However, the only thing these girls were aware of was that they were supposed to be taste testing a new Korean herbal wine with strong medicinal properties. Interestingly, their reviews didn’t stink.

“Oh, wow! When I heard this was medicinal herb wine, I thought it would taste strong, but I was completely off the mark. This is really good, and easy to drink. I think this could be a hit with girls,” said Mami Hoji of Doppelgänger.

Yet, as you may have guessed, the party came to a screeching halt after it was finally revealed that the girls had been bamboozled into sucking down glasses of fermented dung all night rather than be used as taste ambassadors for the area's wine culture.

At that point, the girls agreed, the wine tasted like crap.