Potheads are known for being forgetful, but someone took the stereotype to the extreme, leaving 7,000 pounds of marijuana valued at $3.6 million just floating off the coast of Orange County, California.

Authorities found the drugs sitting on a crate, stacked in 160 bales. It took three Harbor Patrol ships and one from the Coast Guard to haul it all back to the land. There they turned it over to the U.S. Border Patrol, which either must have held one heck of a party or placed it all into evidence lockup.

A Border Patrol rep said it's not uncommon to find loads of drugs left alone, but it usually only happens with law enforcement is hot on the tail of drug runners, who ditch their loads in order to bail.

"Generally, in these cases, we're aware they're being dumped,” the rep says. Maybe the pot haulers mistook another boat for the cops, then cut and ran without bothering to circle back and try to get their stuff.

Either that or they started off with 14,000 pounds, then got a killer case of the munchies and had to take off to snag some Doritos Locos tacos.

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