From rampaging Dinobots to ‘80s hackers and Latino rockers, we’re pointing you to all the new and awesome games, flicks, TV shows and albums coming out this week. Pay attention, son!

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we could pretend we were giant robot dinosaurs programmed to beat the crap outta evil Decepticons? In space? Well now we can with this week’s release of ‘Transformers: Fall of Cybertron,’ the sequel to the well-received ‘War for Cybertron,’ for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows.

Wargames on Blu-ray

The geeky 1980s Matthew Broderick computer caper holds up quite well as a clever suspense tale and as a prescient commentary on the rise of the hacker and our growing reliance on technology. ‘Wargames,’ hitting Blu-ray on Tuesday, delivers plenty of 8-bit awesomeness plus a compelling story and fine performances from its young lead players, including a fetching twenty something Ally Sheedy.


Premium Rush

Any excitement we’ve built up about this bike messenger action flick is all due to the goodwill star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has earned over the years. The guy is just solid (Didja see ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’), and we’re not above cheering him on as he pops a few wheelies and dodges a few bullets in 'Premium Rush.'

My Sucky Teen Romance

Austin-based filmmaker Emily Hagins made a full-length indie zombie movie when she was only 12 years old. She’s 19 now, and she’s moved on to vampires, or spoofing the culture’s obsession with toothless romanticized vampires, with the horror comedy ‘My Sucky Teen Romance.’ The film, which pleased this year’s South by Southwest crowd, premieres this week in Los Angeles.

Bernie on DVD and Blu-ray

Acclaimed indie director Richard Linklater roped a great cast – Jack Black, Matthew Mcconaughey and Shirley MacLane – for 'Bernie,' his latest twisted Texas-set tale, hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week. Back plays a mortician who murders MacLaine’s curmudgeony widow and tries to fool everyone into believing she’s still alive.

The Dictator on DVD and Bu-ray

Despite its outlandish, risky premise and a pretty decent laughs-per-minute ratio, the latest Sasha Baron vehicle failed to make a huge dent at the box office. We suggest picking up the Blu-ray, hitting stores this week, to check out the extreme scenes that didn’t make the theatrical cut.

Wilfred Season One on Netflix

'Wilfred' is currently in its second season on FX, but you can catch up on this wonderfully crude and downright dispiriting (in a fun way) comedy’s first year now on Netflix Instant Watch.

Super 8 on Netflix

Also new to Netflix Instant Watch is J.J. Abrams' emotional and absorbing sci-fi drama, ‘Super 8,’ produced by Steven Spielberg. If you’ve resisted watching this film for whatever reason, well … you’re missing out. ‘Super 8’ has its flaws, but it’s a deep and surprising film that will take you right back to your tweens.

Los Lobos, Kiko: 20th Anniversary Edition

The eclectic Los Angeles-based rockers' best and most interesting album, 'Kiko,' gets a reissue this week, along with a full-length concert performance on DVD and Blu-ray. Pick this up and find out why Los Lobos is much, much more than the band behind the ‘La Bamba’ soundtrack.

Face Off

Tuesday’s season premiere of the geeky Syfy reality series finds the contestants creating original aliens for the classic ‘Star Wars’ cantina scene. Yeah, we’ll tune in for that.

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