We enjoy a cold brew as much as the next guy. But Armageddon beer, which is made by Brewmeister Brewery in Scotland and has a massive alcohol content of 65% by volume, might be too much even for us.

Made with ingredients including crystal malt, wheat, flaked oats and Scottish spring water, the killer brew is made using a process called freeze fermenting, which accounts for its staggeringly high alcohol content and potentially makes it the strongest beer in the world.

The beer has a "viscous quality," according to Brewmeister co-founder Lewis Shand and is actually closer to a liqueur. Given that, its makers recommend that it be served in brandy-sized doses and sipped daintily.

While none of that sounds particular appealing or manly, Shand says the beverage delivers "a supersonic-charged explosion" and easily "conveys the taster to Drunksville." Oh, well, since you put it that way, we'll take two please.

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