Winter Storm Jonas was no laughing matter.

Well, maybe just a little one.

Somebody claiming to be Jason Bond with the Virginia Department of Transportation called into NBC News4 in Washington, D.C. last weekend during the station's coverage of the storm. He did a masterful job of sounding knowledgeable and offering real commentary with ridiculous remarks about prostitutes and drugs. He also reminded us that maybe, just maybe, it's a good idea to keep things light during a weather emergency.

The troll doesn't immediately hit the airwaves with his outlandish comments; rather he waits about a minute before he drops his first quip: "My drug dealer and prostitute were on the way, and they couldn’t get it delivered. I couldn't believe that."

Subtle, man. Subtle.

He then continued to pepper his segment with crazy lines about hookers, but dropping them in a way that makes you go, "Did he just say what I think he said?"

Either the anchors didn't know they were being fooled or they were too focused on getting their next question out to realize what was going on. Whatever the reason, we salute the prankster for a job well done.

The anchors were left red-faced after figuring out what went down and apologized to viewers. Much like the snow that fell, though, the damage was done.

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