Watching Dustin Hoffman in 'Tootsie' or seeing this may help you sympathize with what it's like to be a woman, but there's another more drastic way to appreciate being a member of the fairer sex.

Meet John and Rasheed, a pair of DJs from Berlin's JAM FM, who got an injection of saline solution so they could have C-cup breasts for 24 hours in an attempt to understand what it's like to be a woman.

Yes, it sounds like the premise of a horrible comedy or an even worse horror movie, but it's all too real.

The video isn't in English, but the visuals are pretty self-explanatory, especially the bra-fitting scene.

The men seemed to have learned a valuable lesson. They said, "Bras are torture and every woman should get a medal for wearing this monster."

We'll take their word for it.