In a case of Sybil meets 'Twilight,' doctors in Turkey recently discovered a man who is believed to be the first example of a person with multiple personalities and a penchant for drinking blood.

The 23-year-old man, whose name has not been revealed, began his career as a vampire by using razor blades to slice his own body and letting the blood drip into a cup so he could drink it. His urge to do so was described by doctors "as urgent as breathing."

The Turkish Dracula didn't stop there. His bloodsucking desires later led him to persuade his father to raid blood banks for him. His father's gifts did not quench his appetite, however, for the young man then went on a stabbing and biting spree which eventually led to his arrest.

Doctors say the man, despite what GaGa would lead us to believe, was not born this way. Several traumatic experiences led to his condition: the man's four-month-old daughter became ill and died; he witnessed the murder of his uncle; and, finally (as if all that wasn't enough), he witnessed another violent death when one of his friends cut off a man's head and penis.

Psychologists have diagnosed the man with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and dissociative identity disorder (DID) as well as having multiple personalities.

"Possibly due to 'switching' to another personality state, he was losing track during the 'bloody' events, did not care who the victim was anymore, and remained amnesic to this part of his act," doctors said.

Dissociative identity disorder was brought to the public's attention in the 1970s by the movie Sybil. The film was based on the real life of Shirley Mason, who doctors diagnosed as having 16 separate personalities as a result of horrific physical and psychological abuse by her mother. The Turkish man was also abused by his mother when she went into what researchers described as 'freak out' episodes.

The good news is that after six weeks of treatment, the doctors say the man's blood-drinking behavior was in remission. Unfortunately, though, the patient still has dissociative symptoms and is suffering from alcoholism.

Clearly, alcoholism is the least of this man's problems, but if we guess correctly, Bloody-Mary's had to be his cocktail of choice.

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