Sometimes it feels as if NFL players have targets on their heads. People just want to screw with football players, which is crazy, considering most of those guys are the size of small oil tankers.

The unfortunate NFL star this week is Reggie Wayne who's 2007 Bentley was stolen by a valet and taken for a joyride until the wee small hours of the AM.

Wayne told cops he dropped off his ride at the Westin Hotel in Indy around 6:30 PM on Saturday night. The valet, 21-year-old Gunner Belcher, took his car but never clocked out when he left work around 9 PM on Saturday night. At 2 AM on Sunday morning, cops found Belcher drunk and the car in his possession but didn't know who the owner of the ride was until Wayne reported it stolen the next day.

The car wasn't damaged in the incident.