Is it just us or does it seem like zombies have been doing a lot of calisthenics since the days of George Romero? Every time a zombie pops up nowadays, they move less like Larry Flynt and more like Carl Lewis. These zombies aren't "walking" at all! Anyway. If you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em. And what better place to start than with today's Free App of the Day -- Running Dead!

As you would imagine, in the game your town is overrun by zombies and you are the only survivor. It's an endless running game with a top down view that kind of reminds us of something like Postal meets Resident Evil. The action is pretty simple -- choose your path and kill the zombies in  your way! But you also have to outrun the ones that are chasing you from behind.

One thing we like is that each time you play, there will be a different path that you can take. The randomness there definitely adds to the replay value. You also earn coins for both kills and distance, which you can use to upgrade your weapons.

How far will you go? How long can you survive? Find out today by getting Running Dead for your iPhone & iPad!

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