Imagine tearing down the highway at 180 mph, then careening off a pier, having your ride transform into a watercraft and burning through the wet stuff at 60 mph. What used to be the stuff of James Bond fantasies is now reality, in the form of the Sea Lion, an amphibious beast created by inventor Marc Witt.

The Daily Mail reports Witt is willing to part with this madness for $259,500. The price comes with benefits. Witt says he's willing to stick around as engineer, machinist and psychiatrist for his potential buyer.

The brushed aluminum, stainless steel-finished ride rocks a 174hp Mazda rotary engine can currently hit 125mpg, but Witt figures an engine upgrade could push it to 180mpg.

That should be just fast enough to allow us to make a break from a megalomaniacal madman's secret layer with his nuclear launch codes and plans for laser-toting sharks.

Here's the Sea Lion in action:

Can't wait to take it for a spin around the Jersey shore.

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