Designed by Innespace Productions, the Seabreacher aims to bring the thrill of being a fish to our poor, feeble bodies. It's a watertight craft, outfitted with all the amenities, that you can manuever through the water much more nimbly than a traditional boat.

Basically, what this thing lets you do is quickly submerge and move under the water at insane speeds, then breach the surface like a killer whale coming up for a seal snack. Dangerous? You bet your ass. The company offers a variety of designs, including a dolphin and killer whale model, but for our money the real choice is the Seabreacher X. Painted to look like a great white shark, this puppy has a top speed of 50 miles per hour on top of the water and 25 miles per hour below.

Since each Seabreacher is built to order, they're not cheap, but if you've got money to burn, it's way better than getting a dolphinoplasty.