We have three words that will change the way you drink – self-chilling can.

No, this is not some sort of medical breakthrough to help ease those hemorrhoidal flare ups, or even to remedy the aftermath from a long night of consuming cheap beer, spicy food and more cheap beer.

Actually, the self-chilling can is a little dose of pseudo sci-fi technology invented by a beverage company in California, that not only plans to launch a new caffeine free energy drink sometime in late March, but also hopes to license their self-cooling technology to others in the beverage industry. We certainly hope they are referring to breweries.

This self-chilling can uses an internal CO2 mechanism, which supposedly cools the beverage 30 degrees in about 3-5 minutes once the button at the bottom of the can is pushed. However, the science of the dang thing isn’t nearly as interesting as the idea that soon backroad beer drinkers and tailgaters will be able to keep their brewskies cold without a cooler full of ice.

Now they just need a button at the bottom where people bring us beer.

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