Never has there been such great motivation for keeping your ride clean, especially if your lifestyle is dirty. Police in Malaysia have arrested several people involved in a loyalty program that offered free sex to patrons who paid for ten car washes.

Authorities told the Malay Mail that they busted a car wash near Kuala Lumpur last week after they found out it had a partnership with a local massage parlor. They were able to figure this out when they found car wash cards on several of the alleged customers of the parlor's prostitutes after they raided it.

According to the officer in charge, “To get the extra ‘offer’ customers must send their cars for washing nine times within a certain period. The tenth car wash will entitle them to free sex.” This seems to be a decent trade-off for regular car wash business, since naughty time with a Malaysian prostitute costs 130 to 180 ringgits, or the equivalent of about $40 to $56 dollars.

Despite the fact that nine women and four men were arrested under suspicion of being part of the scheme, we’re hoping the idea takes hold in America. The only improvement we would make would be having the free sex in the car wash. Most guys would probably prefer a happy ending to a car wash over some other kind of detail work.

Buff us, not the hood.

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