Aric and Sean Hale have a pretty unique love life. The 28-year-old twins share the one 27-year-old girlfriend, just like they used to have to share birthday presents. Guess it's true what they say -- your childhood really can damage you. 

Their arrangement is as follows: the lucky lady is sexually intimate with both brothers, "depending on who she chooses to be with that particular day." Wait, that's pretty simple, though it seems like she might be getting the better deal.

Maybe it's more complicated than that, we don't know, we're just going on what a spokesperson for the Manchester, NH police told us, because like any good love story, the police became involved when the ménage à trois predictably went off the rails.

The trouble started when the trio checked into a Manchester hotel on New Year's Eve. Sean told Aric to leave the room so he could have sexy time with the unnamed woman. Aric didn't went to be away from his beloved on such an important occasion, though, so he refused and threw a punch at Sean. Sean punched back, and one trashed hotel room later, the police wanted both of them at the same time. Maybe this was all just a cry for dual attention?

Police picked up the Hales the next day at a residence in Western Connecticut. Aric was charged with two counts each of third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, and one count of third-degree criminal mischief. His brother Sean was nabbed on two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of third-degree criminal mischief.

Now that's is an episode of 'Sister, Sister' that we'd watch. (Okay, we watched them all. Twin babes are hot.)

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