Though Jeremy Renner's turn hosting 'SNL' this past weekend may have felt somewhat uneven, many would argue that the normally-stoic 'Avengers' star still did a better job than other hosts unprepared for sketch comedy, like Daniel Craig, or even to a degree Louis C.K. And while Renner wasn't present for the Guy Fieri deleted scene that exploded in popularity yesterday, another 'SNL' deleted scene is making the rounds that might have seen Renner at his best! Check out what didn't make the cut!

Strangely, not all of 'SNL's best makes it to air, and ends up on the cutting-room floor for one reason or another. One sketch whose inclusion seems difficult to justify is that of Jeremy Renner's Thanksgiving sketch, which features the normally composed action star going completely off the rails as an unwelcome Thanksgiving guest, playing off Kate McKinnon's equally manic spouse.

Of course, Jeremy Renner's 'SNL' hosting still included some classic bits, like the Stand-Off digital short, and the simplistic closing coroner sketch, but it's hard to see why this bit from the dress rehearsal didn't make the cut.

Check out one of 'SNL's best deleted scenes, and tell us your favorite moments from Jeremy Renner's hosting in the comments!