Sometimes 'Saturday Night Live' is smart. Sometimes 'Saturday Night Live' uses a sketch to make a point or skewer an topic worthy of parody. Sometimes, 'Saturday Night Live' sketches have pretty clear points. Not this one. This sketch feels like it was thought up at three o'clock in the morning on Friday by a group of writers with only a few hours of sleep between them...and it's kind of amazing. It's the hardest game show of all time: contestants look at a picture and must figure out if they're looking at actor Dermot Mulroney or actor Dylan McDermott.

Yeah, it's certainly odd, but in an episode filled with a lot of misses, something this strange stands out in the best way possible. Bill Hader plays the host and Keenan Thompson, Jamie Foxx and Jay Pharoah play the contestants (this line-up leads to a pretty fantastic closing joke), who are shown pictures of Mulroney and McDermott and asked to identify them. They end up failing spectacularly (because who can really tell those two apart?), even after a very special guest shows up.

What do you think? Are you a fan of 'SNL' sketches that are this left field?

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