And you thought Eleven from Stranger Things was the biggest number going.

A real estate tycoon in the United Arab Emirates has coughed up $9 million for a license plate with only the number 5 on it.

Balwinder Sahni, of Dubai, made the purchase at a government auction last month, yet somehow it did not set a record for money spent on a license plate. That honor goes to the fella who has waaaaay too much disposable income and paid $14 million for one back in 2008.

Sahni has done this sort of thing before, too. Last year, he purchased a number 9 plate for $6.7 million, giving him two single-digit plates for his six Rolls Royces.

A lot of money for license plates, sure, but at least you know he won't have any trouble remembering the numbers.

You're no doubt thinking Sahni needs a crash course in financial management, since he spends like Hammer during his "U Can't Touch This" days. He sees himself as a sort of Robin Hood, though, claiming the money is doing a civic service: there is no income tax and he says his money goes to charity to help the city. "I believe in giving back," he said. "This city has given me a lot."

To be clear, it's actually unclear where the money he put up for the license plate goes. Perhaps it can be set aside to create a charity for delusional billionaires.