"LA's Friendliest Gentlemen's Club", the Jet Strip Cabaret, almost justified their slogan recently when they tried to donate $1,200 to save the Lennox Little League's season.

Due to public health concerns the school district banned the selling of hamburgers and hot dogs, which accounted for the majority of the league's revenue. While the club can offer plenty of fur burgers and hot wieners, we don't think they'd be any more sanitary. Anyway, the league will need $65,000 to build a drain in order to pass inspection.

This isn't the first charitable gesture by the strip club -- they've been turned down by the Special Olympics and Make-a-Wish Foundation but successfully donated to a local park, the St. Margaret Center for the homeless and needy and to the tightening of my underwear.

No word on whether those donations were made in just dollar bills.

[Via LA Times]

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