Meet Plum, a SuicideGirl from Portugal that loves a good cup of coffee, hates animal cruelty and is into hopeless romantics.

Name: Plum

Age: 18

Location: Portugal

Gets me hot: Good cup of coffee.

Cigarettes: "I'm giving up."

My diet: Vegetarian.

Alcohol: Occasionally.

My drug use: Drug free.

My kink factor: I'm saving myself for Jesus!

My politics: SMASH THE STATE!!!

My idea of a good time: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

I want: Friendship.

Into: Tattoos, piercings, colorful hair, nudity, black, cute stuff, anime, games, risks, zombies, snakes, pasta with mushrooms, lip biting, colors and hopeless romantics.

Not into: Animal cruelty, war and sickness.

Makes me happy: Chocolate, my kitty, hug's, Pepsi, shopping, icecream, my friends, rain, lemonade, love and good music.

Makes me sad: Fake people and crying babies.

Hobbies: Photography, drawing and modeling.

5 things I can't live without: Lip balm, animals, underwear, internet and water.

Vices: Different types of smells-- I'm addicted. Coffee every morning and a cup of milk every night.

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