Think you're tough because you stood up to your mother-in-law? Think you're strong because you opened that jar of pickles no one else could? Think again.

We'd like to be the first to introduce you to Carl Moore. Moore is a 73-year-old former Marine from Sacramento, Calif., who punched a bear to save his dog. He. Punched. A. Bear. You don't even need to hear the remainder of the sentence because it's impossible to top slugging a bear.

Moore's dog began whimpering while outside, so he walked out and came face-to-face with the giant beast. Next, he cursed at the bear because that's what you do. He then reared back and punched the bear.

Lest you think Moore is making all this up, a friend who witnessed the smackdown verified the whole tale.

Moore, meanwhile, wants the entire animal kingdom to know he means business.

"The man or beast that I run from ain't been born. And it's mama's already dead," he says. That's the kind of poetry you can get only away with when A) talking about punching a bear or B) trying to say something profound for your high school yearbook quote.

Carl Moore: the toughest (and looniest) guy you'll ever meet, but a guy you probably want tagging along the next time you go camping.

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