Move over all you regular dragons, it's time to make room for the Super Dragons! The super dragon in question here would happen to be Smokey, the star of Fifth Wonder's amusing and funny little physics puzzle game Super Dragon. Any time a game features dragons, it's a safe bet that they will be on our radar. That's why Super Dragon is today's Free App of the Day!

Smokey the Dragon just happens to be the most marvelous and famous dragon around (sorry Puff, you just don't have the magic anymore). Smokey is a darling of the media and the cover-star of magazines, showing off his fire-breathing ways. Smokey has it all.

But then his his career as a dragon celebrity had a wrench thrown into it when the tabloids exposed his shameful secret -- Smokey has no teeth! What kind of self respecting dragon is missing his teeth? Who's super now, Smokey? The only way to keep Smokey in the limelight is to get his chompers back! And you must help him do it. And no amount of elaborate, deviously designed obstacles will stand in your way!

Take Smokey on a quest to retrieve his dentures and pick up a copy of Super Dragon today for your iPhone & iPad!

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