A few days ago, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said on the Dan Patrick Show that teams interested in drafting Manti Te'o were concerned if he was gay. Te'o has publicly said he's not, even if people think he does run like a girl. This information was just one more instance of the homophobic and intolerant, but fairly obvious culture, of the NFL.

While no team came right out and asked any of the prospects their sexual preferences, a few teams asked every question to beat around the sexual bush while inquiring if potential draft picks liked beating around actual female bushes.

Case in point: Colorado tight end Nick Kasa was asked a stream of questions that touched on sexual preference at the Scouting Combine. "They ask you like, 'Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married?" Do you like girls?’” Kasa told ESPN Radio Denver on Tuesday. “Those kinds of things, and you know it was just kind of weird. But they would ask you with a straight face, and it’s a pretty weird experience altogether.”

Based on the legal issues NFL players and teams often find themselves involved in, here are the questions NFL team officials should be asking:

The NFL is fine with drinking and driving, domestic abuse and murder because "boys will be boys" it's just "boys doing boys" that has them scared to death.

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