The absolute least interesting storyline WWE television these last few months has been the ongoing feud between John Laurinaitis, General Manager of ‘Raw’ and Theodore Long, General Manager of ‘SmackDown.’ The match at Wrestlemania 28 was almost as uninteresting.

Team Johnny wins the match as The Miz pins Zack Ryder with Eve causing Zack to become distracted. While the match had great wrestling from all the participants, most of the action happened after Team Johnny cemented the victory.

While Laurinaitis celebrated with his team, Team Teddy stays in the ring as Eve checks on Ryder. Ryder gets up only to have Eve kick him between the legs. Eve leaves the ring only to look back at Ryder in disgust.

Winner of match 6 -- Team Johnny. John Laurinaitis becomes General Manager of RAW and SmackDown.

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