Liquor, funnels and rubber hoses used for drinking games? Certainly not anything new on large college campuses. But one group of fraternity brothers at the University of Tennessee decided to take things to a whole other level last weekend.

20-year-old Alexander Broughton was rushed to the UT Medical Center Saturday morning and was treated for acute alcohol poisoning. His blood alcohol content registered at more than 0.4, a level that can be potentially deadly. But this was more than a simple case of binge drinking gone wrong. No, Broughton and some of his Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers had decided to speed things up by using rubber tubing to give each other alcohol enemas.

We’ll give you a minute to process that image for just a minute. It’s OK. We’ll wait. Wow, that was way too graphic of an image dude. Let's move on.

Alcohol enemas rapidly speed up the process of inebriation by allowing the alcohol to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream and cutting out the middle man (a.k.a. your liver). University officials say, based on their initial investigation, this was not some bizarre hazing ritual but rather a group of frat guys just looking to get drunk as fast as possible. No criminal charges are currently pending.

No word yet on when the first B-list celebrity will record an anti-alcohol enema public service announcement or liquor bottles will start carrying warning labels reading “For oral consumption only.”

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