It is not unusual to find the corpse of a woman doing the infamous hooker front float in the lakes, rivers and seas of Istanbul. But when that corpse turns out to be an abandoned inflatable sex doll, that is a strange day, my friends.

That’s what happened earlier this week when a Turkish rescue squad was dispatched to the shores of the Black Sea after police received several distress calls from some residents of the Samsun province, not yet privy to the retails skins of the pucker-up-Peggy’s and the bend-over-Becky’s of the simulated sex trade.

After sending in a team of plastic muff divers to fish out what most people had mistaken for a dead woman, authorities dragged out a blow-up doll, which was rumored to have been passed around the beach before being deflated and disposed off.

While it is not known where exactly the Black Sea beauty came from, authorities suspect that with the area being a massive tourist attraction, as well as a congested international maritime shipping port, the origins of Turkish Tammy may never be revealed. Although we suspect that there is some over-zealous pervert out there wishing that he had been smart enough to practice safe, simulated sex and incorporate a life jacket into the mix.

In related news, it's becoming an epidemic.

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