Thanks to Notre Dame star Manti Te'o, fake girlfriends are all the rage. OK, fine, they're not and never will be, but they are certainly in the news.

And if you've ever thought about going the faux-boo route, there's a website that will help with that.

Oddly, the site is based in Brazil. Everybody knows Canada is the land where all the fake girlfriends live. It does take US dollars, and for $99 bucks, will create a imaginary Facebook girlfriend for you, complete with 30 days of cutesy comments and a relationship status change. For 19 bucks they will give you a fake ex-girlfriend.

"Sometimes having a fake girlfriend on the Internet helps make you more popular with the women and increases your self esteem," reasons the website.

Other cheaper packages will give you three or seven days of a virtual Facebook GF, so the service will work with any budget. However, if you want to go the full Manti with a fake AND dead girlfriend it appears you are out of luck.

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