About five years ago, Burger King's ad campaign highlighted its crowned mascot as a subversive creeper, "The King."

While this unique strategy got a lot of attention, we don't think it actually sold many hamburgers. So the franchise eventually ditched The King. However, it looks like the creeper king is back, although this time on a more freelance basis.

On Monday afternoon, a man dressed as the Burger King walked into a Georgia McDonald's. He began handing out free Whoppers, and then he danced a disturbing jig. At one point he put his arm around a young boy, as if to pose for a photo. The boy fled in terror.

After a while he left the restaurant and got into a white Acura. (We guess it's good to be king.) As he sat in the parking lot, he was confronted by the McDonald's manager. When his vague explanation that he was raising awareness for a "children's charity" didn't satisfy her, she called the cops, and he left the scene.

Your move, Hamburglar.