Andrew Hyde is an affluent man: he works with start-ups in Silicon Valley and does technology consulting work in New York. He's busy, he makes a lot of money, he owns a lot of stuff, right?


He owns precisely fifteen things; well, not precisely: he has separate stocks of socks and underwear. But beyond that? Only fifteen things.

Why? He enjoys minimalism, and also he travels too much to own an apartment; it's basically paying for a storage unit with a better view for his life. So he stripped his life down to the absolute bare essentials, which are: a backpack, a shirt, a rain jacket, a t-shirt, running shorts, a Quick Dry towel, a wool jacket, a toiletry kit, sunglasses, a wallet, a MacBook Air, an iPhone 3GS, a dress shirt, jeans and a pair of running shoes. He carries it all in the backpack.

In an interview with oddity central, Hyde admitted "there is more that I have not used in the bag than there is in the bag.”

Yep, no suits, no formal pants, no TV...that's it. Of course, he might want to add a few things if he plans on dating, but, hey, at least he's got everything ready in case the woman asks to move in.

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