If there is a video of a monkey doing push ups and sit ups like it's his job, then we are going to watch it. This is, after all, why we have the Internet.

This monkey's form is simply outstanding, and his stamina is quite impressive, too. Maybe it's the monkey's low body weight, but it seems like this could go on for a really long time. When the monkey switches over to sit ups, it's no big deal — monkey's got abs for days. To be honest, his form here isn't as good as his push ups — and it's putting a killer strain on his back — but the hairy bugger is all casual at the end of the workout, as if to say 'What else ya got for me?' to his handler/captor. At least he didn't fling his poo at him like we do to our trainer.

Sure, the monkey might be in training to eventually rise up and take over the planet his a few million of his friends, but let's not worry about that for right now. Give this monkey a modest budget and the phone numbers of Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, and you'll have America's next great workout craze.

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