LeBron James and Hulk Hogan posed for a picture with Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones during the team's season-opening win at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tex. on Sunday night. The resulting shot might be the best modern American photo we've ever seen.

This photo of Lebron, Jerry and Hulk is the modern day version of Elvis and Nixon. It's an even better picture because it transcends generations: '80s (Hogan), '90s (Jones) and '10s (James). If they could have gotten Britney Spears in there, you'd have a snapshot of pop-culture in the heartland spanning more than 30 years.

James is a Cowboys' fan, while Hogan stopped by to see his son-in-law to be: Dallas center Phil Costa. LeBron, The Hulkster and Jerry all went home happy; Dallas beat the New York Giants, 36-31.

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