Marshmallow-only Lucky Charms are not the biggest thing to hit the breakfast cereal biz. Not even close.

There are a series of new spots for Frosted Flakes with Tony the Tiger. That hardly seems like news, but what is news is the fact these commercials are pretty raunchy. The premise? Tony reconnects with some of the kids he's appeared in commercials with over the years to help them as adults.

Prostitution, sexual assault, police brutality, suicide bombing -- each one is part of the plot for each spot.

The ads are definitely racy and Kellogg's has denied any involvement with them and we're surprised the company is letting them hang around the internet. They all seem like actual commercials, although we have to say Tony the Tiger's voice sounds slightly different than what is traditionally does.

Adding to the mystery is the fact a legitimate-looking website called has been created, as well as a hashtag on Twitter called #tonyisback.

Whoever is pulling this joke, if that's what it is, is going all out. Guess they got the energy by getting up and having a complete breakfast.

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