It was 2:30 AM Sunday morning and Austin Lee Westfall Presler wanted to keep the party going, but the South Carolina man had run out of supplies. What's a party animal to do? Bust down the front door of the local convenience store, which was closed, and take what you need, that's what. Apparently.

Austin snagged beer, cigarettes, Slim Jims, energy drinks and Cheetos. Even though we all know that energy drinks and Slim Jims are a toxic mix, it was the Cheetos that he would really come to regret.

In his haste to satisfy his munchies, Presler punctured one of the bags while still in the store. Cheetos were strewn all over the place and actually formed a trail to the Kershaw County home Presler was staying at less than 1/5 of a mile down the road.

"He was very easy to catch," the store's manager explained. "It was a very quick deal."

While he only stole $160 of goods, he also caused about $2500 in damage and so Presler was arrested. Yes, of course he was shirtless.

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