A friend of mine suggested the new album from The Stepkids and said "you'll love it, it's funky yacht rock." I felt old for being unaware of The Stepkids and for not knowing funky yacht rock is a real thing -- and a compliment.

The best way to describe the music of The Stepkids is jazz meets 1960s folk rock with a touch of classic funk and enough of psychedelic vibes to interest everyone -- especially your uncle who chewed the laced shrooms thirty years ago and still isn't right in the head.

The Stepkids' new album 'Troubadour', out this month on Stones Throw Records, is a feel-good collection to toss on during a walk to work or a long drive to the middle of nowhere.

Personal favorites off the new track are 'Sweet Salvation' and 'The Lottery'.

Get the new album 'Troubadour' here.

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