The apocalypse may very well be nigh, people. When freak of nature-like creatures wash up on the shore of Manhattan's East River, be afraid. Be very afraid.

Photographer Denise Ginley snapped some shots of the unidentifiable creature. It's bloated and looks like a waterlogged hybrid of a pig, a rat and some sort of marine life after rigor mortis has set in. That in and of itself is pretty fudging terrifying.

Then again, the East River is so polluted that all the chemicals and sludge could have co-mingled and created a mutant fish. Or it could be a government experiment gone wrong and discarded in an unswimmable body of water. Hey, if they can throw hypodermic needles in the ocean, why not a creature into a NYC river?

All we know is that we never, ever want to encounter something this ugly while it's alive.