Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce Friday from her husband, superstar basketball player Kobe Bryant. Her reason was irreconcilable differences, which is a nice way of saying "he cheats too much."  The Bryants are reportedly worth around $150 million and Vanessa didn't sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

Vanessa is our 'crush' today for being a hell of a lot smarter than her husband. Kobe knew he was going to be a superstar athlete before he hit the age of eighteen. With huge talent comes many huge paydays. We're not sure if Vanessa convinced Kobe they didn't need a pre-nup, or if he was just too much of a moron to realize, but either way Vanessa has about $75 million reasons to dump the Black Mamba.

Fun times for the man that gets to marry Vanessa next -- not only is she gorgeous but the gig comes with the extra bonus of knowing every Kobe bucket is a score for Vanessa and her alimony payments.

"Kobe won another ring! I'm getting a new house in Belize!"