A London pub has given the term "spray and pray" a whole new meaning thanks to new urinal-based video games that award points for peeing.

Players are tasked with different mini-games which require considerable control. In one, simply maintaining a steady stream for as long as possible earns a spot on the high-score leader (bladder?) board. Another challenges guys to maneuver a snowmobile rider down a slalom occupied by a waddle of suicidal penguins by hitting sensors on the left, right and middle of the urinal tray.

"I'm really hopeful it will bring people in, new people that haven't been here before, but also repeat trade," said Exhibit Bar owner Drew Weatherhead.

We have our doubts; drunks may walk out with both a poor score and soaked pants. Minus the urinal game, it would just be the latter.

[Via BuzzFeed]


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